Tree Dismantling

Tree DismantlingOften Tree Dismantling maybe the most efficient, safest and suitable way for our Tree Focus Ltd Arborist team to carefully remove your tree. Tree dismantling is achieved by our Arborists removing individual branches, limbs or smaller pieces of the trunk or stem to eliminate damage to the delicate work area or buildings below, especially in situations where a tree has become impacted between buildings in a very confined space or over buildings or if other trees are in the work area. Our Arborists will often utiliise a secondary rope to carefully rig and lower tree pieces down in a very methodical, safe and controlled manner. The Tree Focus Arborist team have the expertise and experience to dismantle your tree without damaging buildings and the general surroundings, utilsing specialsed rigging techniques where required. Contact our Tree Focus arborist team to find out more about our Tree Dismantling services.

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About Us

About Us

Stuart Watson is the owner and leads the skilled, efficient, professional and friendly North Shore, Albany based Tree Focus Ltd Arborist team that Stuart established in 2008.