Pruning from service lines

Pruning from service linesPruning in close proximity to service lines, power lines and telephone lines, can be very dangerous work, especially if you are not suitably skilled and do not have the knowledge and correct equipment to prune the tree safely in proximity to phone wires, power wires and service wires. Why attempt pruning your tree from the service lines yourself and potentially risk serious injuries to yourself or others or property or unnecessarily damaging the tree or damaging the service wires, when our Tree Focus Arborists are trained to prune around phone wires and power wires and we have the correct insulated tools, equipment and knowledge to complete the job safely and efficiently without any disruption to your services and you can relax knowing the job has been done safely and correctly by our Tree Focus Arborist team. In certain situations we arrange for line disconnection by qualified Linesmen and in some circumstances we organise for the lines to be dropped for everyone's safety.

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About Us

About Us

Stuart Watson is the owner and leads the friendly and skilled Albany, North Shore based Tree Focus Ltd Arborist team he established in 2008.