Storm damage and restorative pruning

Storm damage and restorative pruningThe frequently stormy, very erratic, rough, squally weather, extremely high winds, thunder, lightening storms, torrential rain, hail and severe weather systems can potentially cause significant storm damage to your trees, necessitating emergency or remedial tree pruning or emergency tree removal if your storm damaged tree is beyond restorative pruning or has fallen tree. During exceptionally heavy rain and high winds, trees can become potentially hazardous failing and damaging property, or injuring people or the tree could become partially uprooted exposing the root ball. Sometimes trees just have sudden limb or branch failures, that maybe due to the heavy weight of a branch or limb, requiring emergency or remedial tree work to rectify the damage. In these circumstances don't hesitate to contact our experienced Albany based Tree Focus Ltd Arborist team to carry out restorative pruning to your storm damaged tree to make the tree safe once more or clearing of the storm damaged tree or large branch or limb. With our remote controlled tracked chipper we can get close to the tree. Or if you would like to reduce the chance of failure to a branch, limb, stem or the entire tree in significant weather conditions, have a chat our friendly, knowledgeable Tree Focus arborists for suitable solutions about how to avoid your becoming a storm damaged tree.

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About Us

Stuart Watson is the owner and leads the efficient, professional, skilled and friendly Albany based, North Shore, Tree Focus Arborist team that Stuart established in 2008.