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Planting and transplantingOur Tree Focus Ltd Arborist team are very passionate about giving back to the environment by providing tree planting services. From advising and sourcing suitable trees for a specific location, organic soil and planting materials and digging the correct sized hole and planting at the correct depth and taking into account the surrounding soil condition and other trees and buildings. The best planting and tree transplanting season is, ideally from May through to September, whilst the ground is moist. Or out of season, if you are happy to follow our Arborists advise on very regular watering and care. Once planting is completed our Arborists will advise of best care to ensure ongoing success, through to the future care of the trees by our Arborist team, including trimming, pruning and formative pruning to maintain the health and form of the trees. If your tree has outgrown the location or you would prefer the tree relocated elsewhere in your garden and tree is still of easily re-relocatable size, we provide professional Arborist tree transplanting services also.

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About Us

About Us

Stuart Watson is the owner and leads the skilled, efficient, professional and friendly North Shore, Albany based Tree Focus Ltd Arborist team that Stuart established in 2008.