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Stump GrindingIf our Tree Focus Ltd arborist team have removed trees for you, or you have an existing tree stump you would like removed allowing for planting of new trees or re-grassing in that particular location of your property, then stump grinding may be the ideal solution. Invariably roots with you see on the surface, there will be two thirds more large feeder roots not visible, just below the surface. The stump grinding machine has a high speed tungsten rotating cutting disk that grinds the wood into small chips, allowing the stump grinding machine to grind the main stump to approximately 400mm below ground level, plus the feeder roots, and then rake back and tidy the area. Also stumps can be skimmed, which means grinding down approximately 200mm below ground level, depending on what you have planned in the future for the area, perhaps re-lawning. The shavings can be left on site, as this is fantastic mulch you can re-purpose around your garden or we can remove the debris off site to suit your requirements. If the stump is smaller we can often dig the stump out. Our friendly Tree Focus Ltd arborists will be able to advise of the most suitable stump grinding option for you.

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About Us

Stuart Watson is the owner and leads the skilled, efficient, professional and friendly North Shore, Albany based Tree Focus Ltd Arborist team that Stuart established in 2008.